• Can I trade on the same account?
    No, we do not recommend combining ALCHEMIST with other Strategies.
  • Can I use any broker?
    Of course, you can use the broker of your choice, but please choose it wisely. Unfortunately, there are many brokers with very bad conditions. Many have too high spreads or charge very high fees/commissions. We can therefore only recommend that you use the broker, which we also use. Our software was also tested with their conditions.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    You can already start with an investment of 500 €, for this a so-called CENT account is required. Only the following countries require a minimum of 5.000 €: United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, East Timor and Liberia.
  • What is the average drawdown?
    The average drawdown is about 3%, but the maximum drawdown was higher. On MyFxBook you can find our verified track record. You can see the balance and equity curve of the last two years.
  • How does the position sizing work?
    Our Expert Advisor calculates the position size (Lot Size) independently. You have the possibility to choose between "low" and "medium" risk. With medium risk the software starts with lot 0.01 per 5.000 €. So in a 10.000 € account it would start with lot 0.02. On a Cent Account, the Software is using 0.1 Cent Lot (equals to 0.001 normal Lot) for every 500 € with medium risk.
  • Can I change/switch the license? For example, from a demo to a live account.
    Yes, you can transfer your license to another account within seconds. For example, if you want to try the software on a demo account first, you can transfer the license to your live account afterward with a few clicks. To verify another account, please go to our tutorial page There, we will explain exactly how to transfer the license.
  • Where can I find the tutorial page?
    You can find all our tutorial videos at There, we give you a simple step-by-step guide on how to install the software.
  • Why can I not log in to my MT4 account?
    Maybe you used your Broker member area login data. When you create your Account with your Broker, you get a Member-Login and an MT4 Account-Login. The Member login is your e-mail address and a password. This should be used to enter the Broker Webpage. After creating your MT4 account, you have received a confirmation email. In this email, you will find your login details. For the MT4 login you need your account ID (Trading number), the server name, and the password.
  • Does the Algorithm have a SL or a TP?
    Introducing our cutting-edge hedging software, designed to help you navigate the markets with confidence. This powerful tool always strives to close open positions in a positive sum, ensuring that you never have to worry about stop loss or take profit. With our software, you can rest easy knowing that it will always take care of your open positions. It strategically decides when to open new sell orders, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to profit. And in the unlikely event that the software can no longer withstand a drawdown, all open positions will be liquidated at a maximum loss of -40%, minimizing your risk and protecting your profits.
  • Why are no trades opened on my account?
    You must deposit the minimum investment you need for your risk settings in order for the software to work. For example, if you choose medium risk, your account balance must be higher than 5.000 €. And for a smaller investment than 4.000 €, a cent account is needed for the software to work.
  • Will the EA be updated?
    Our software is continuously adapts to the current market situation itself. It analyzes the last minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc., and takes into account the current volume. Of course, many more factors play a role in how the software interacts. But of course, the bot is tested by us continuously and as soon as we achieve a better result with other settings, each of our customers is informed by mail.
  • Why the software does not work for prop firms (FTMO)?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. The peak drawdown could go higher than 10% as you can see in our Backtests and Track Records. We are thinking long-term. Our Software is live since January 2021, you can have a look at our live track records at The software was tested for the past 6 years. With our EA, you can make approx. 9% per month. And it's possible to start with a minimum investment of 500 €.
  • Is it possible to increase the risk itself?
    The risk settings have been limited by us for a good reason. It is only possible to switch between “Low”, “Medium” and "High" risk. The reason for this is that we do not want our customers to take too high a risk. Our intention is to let our customers become consistently profitable in the long term.
  • Why should you not take the bonus at a broker?
    The bonuses are always linked to certain conditions. Unfortunately, our software cannot use this bonus.
  • Does the EA automatically adjust the lot size when you deposit or withdraw money?
    Of course, this all happens automatically. The software recognizes this and always adapts to your account size.
  • What could be the reason for not achieving 9% each month?
    One possibility would be that you have set the risk setting too low. Then you make round about 5 % per month. Another cause could be that you have a somewhat smaller, normal account and the compound interest does not yet take effect. Short explanation: The software places the first trade with a lot size of 0.01 / 4.000 €. This means that the lot size is only increased by 0.01 lot every 4.000 €. So, you will make about 250€ until you reach 8.000 €. Now, you earn again round about 8 % (500 €). Another reason could be the market behavior. There are of course many profitable, but also less profitable months.
  • How can I withdraw a little of the profit? Do I have to wait for the Trades to close?
    Payouts are possible in any size if you have a low drawdown of a maximum 3%. If the drawdown is higher, we recommend to payout only the latest profits, because a higher payout in those times can affect lot sizes.
  • Which leverage do I need?
    You need a leverage of 1:200.
  • Do I need to have previous investment or trading experience?
    No, ALCHEMIST is 100% automated. After purchasing the software, you will receive a detailed video tutorial. There you will be guided step by step through the simple installation process. And if you need any help our autstandable support is always here to help you. That’s it. Now you can just sit back and let the software do the rest.
  • Where do I deposit my funds?
    You don’t have to worry about that. Of course, you don’t have to transfer your starting capital to us. You can use the broker you trust, we will only provide the software.
  • Why do I have 50.000 on my Cent account even though I only deposited 500 €?

    This is simply because, with a cent account, everything is displayed in cents. 1 € = 100 Cent, so you have for example 50.000 Cent on your account.

  • Why cent account and not a normal one?

    For a normal account, the smallest possible lot size is 0.01 that can be traded. Our software places the first trade for a 5.000 € account with the size 0.01 with midium risk. So, you don't have to invest 5.000 € right away, there is the ingenious solution of a cent account. That means, if you deposit for example 500 €, you have 50.000 Cent on your account. Thus, the first trade is opened with the lot size 0.10 CENT Lot - that would be, with a normal account, a lot size of 0.001. Such an account allows us to trade an even smaller lot size.