Why cent account and not a normal one?

For a normal account, the smallest possible lot size is 0.01 that can be traded. Our software places the first trade for a 5.000 € account with the size 0.01 with midium risk. So, you don’t have to invest 5.000 € right away, there is the ingenious solution of a cent account. That means, if […]

Where do I deposit my funds?

You don’t have to worry about that. Of course, you don’t have to transfer your starting capital to us. You can use the broker you trust, we will only provide the software.

Do I need to have previous investment or trading experience?

No, ALCHEMIST is 100% automated. After purchasing the software, you will receive a detailed video tutorial. There you will be guided step by step through the simple installation process. And if you need any help our autstandable support is always here to help you. That’s it. Now you can just sit back and let the […]

Will the EA be updated?

Our software is continuously adapts to the current market situation itself. It analyzes the last minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc., and takes into account the current volume. Of course, many more factors play a role in how the software interacts. But of course, the bot is tested by us continuously and as soon as we […]

Does the Algorithm have a SL or a TP?

Introducing our cutting-edge hedging software, designed to help you navigate the markets with confidence. This powerful tool always strives to close open positions in a positive sum, ensuring that you never have to worry about stop loss or take profit. With our software, you can rest easy knowing that it will always take care of […]

Is it possible to increase the risk itself?

The risk settings have been limited by us for a good reason. It is only possible to switch between “Low”, “Medium” and „High“ risk. The reason for this is that we do not want our customers to take too high a risk. Our intention is to let our customers become consistently profitable in the long […]

What could be the reason for not achieving 9% each month?

One possibility would be that you have set the risk setting too low. Then you make round about 5 % per month. Another cause could be that you have a somewhat smaller, normal account and the compound interest does not yet take effect. Short explanation: The software places the first trade with a lot size […]