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Before you start

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Generate passive income

First step to your own passive income. In this video, we’ll explain how to take the first step towards your own passive income, and provide you with the necessary information to achieve financial success.

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Open the right trading account

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Watch this video carefully – it’s essential. Choosing the wrong trading account can seriously affect the performance of our algorithm. Learn how to pick the right one for optimal results.

MT4 ProCent – Investment between 500€ – 5.000€
MT4 ECN – Investment higher than 5.000€

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Download MT4

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Join us in this video as we take you through the steps of downloading and installing the MT4 platform and show you how to connect it seamlessly to your trading account.

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Activate your license

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In this Video we will show you how to activate your license. 

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Download your Trading AI

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In this video, we will demonstrate the simple process of downloading and installing the AI Trading Tool, the final step before you start earning a passive income with ease.

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How our AI works

Must watch

Discover the secrets of our cutting-edge AI trading system in this informative video. Get a view into how our system operates and how it can transform the trading landscape. Join us as we dive deeper into the technology and features that set our AI system apart from the rest.

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How to use a Server

Optional - But highly recommended

Watch our final video tutorial on how to buy and configure a Server for seamless performance. This step is optional but highly recommended.

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